Die Bildretusche ist eine Fotobearbeitungstechnik, die durch das Entfernen unerwünschter Objekte aus dem Bild ein Bild ansprechend, neu und sauber machen kann. Für ein tolles Foto braucht man auch einen guten Hintergrund. Aber es ist nicht immer einfach, den perfekten Hintergrund für Ihre Aufnahme zu finden. Deshalb gibt es immer unerwünschte Dinge in Ihren Bildern. Sie müssen auch unerwartete Wunden, den Fleck auf der Stirn, entfernen, wenn Sie Ihr Porträtbild in sozialen Medien zeigen oder es als Modell bei einer Zeitschrift einreichen wollen. Color Tango ist in der Lage, diese Probleme zu lösen, um jedes Bild präsentabel und attraktiv für Kunden oder Betrachter zu machen.

Der Bildretusche-Service ist inbegriffen:

  • Hochwertige Glamor-Retusche-Dienste

  • Hochzeits-Foto-Retusche-Service

  • Kommerzielle Fotoretusche

  • Schmuck-Retusche-Dienstleistungen

  • Sport-Retusche-Dienste

  • Portrait-Retuschierdienste

  • Produkt-Retusche-Dienstleistungen

dust, spot and scratch removal

A photoshoot that goes without hiccups is uncommon, and in a staged shot, such mishaps often harm items or props. If on your picture you have bruises, dents or other imperfections, you can use it to retouch to make certain objects look completely fresh again. Additionally, if your shot includes dust particles or other irritating areas, photo retouching will help you eliminate it cleanly. Similarly, if your shot includes dust particles or other distracting areas, photo retouching will help you eliminate it for an overall image that is cleaner.

wrinkles on clothing removal

Each retailer in clothing knows the wrinkles challenge. And no matter how many steamers and iron you have on hand, there are always those few nasty wrinkles creeping into a shot. Photo retouching will remove any wrinkles from clothes so that your shots look perfect, no matter how much you need to push your models.

beauty airbrushing

You may need to beautify the model, shoes, clothes, and the atmosphere after shooting the beauty photography.You can smooth the skin, white teeth, change the color of your eyes and hair, boost the atmosphere and surroundings, and more.

camera reflection removal

Live models use blemish retouching, but it can also be used on inanimate objects in your image. There are tiny bruises, floating dust, odd light spots or other minor image defects on many images. It is possible to remove these "signs" by retouching the picture.

frequency separation

A common misconception held by many people is that skin retouching would concentrate on getting rid of the texture and making the skin smooth. This may be wrong — the texture of the skin actually brings the picture to life and can help make it look much more natural.
Retouching a photo generally involves repairing any temporary imperfections of the skin, such as redness of the skin or blotchiness, and fixing or enhancing shadows. You can refrain from manipulating the specific features of the product in most cases as these are what makes them unique. To accomplish this, I utilize a Photoshop technique called Frequency Separation and will show you exactly how I do this.

why should you ColorTango

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