Jewelry retouch

Jewelry retouch

Jewelry retouch

High-end jewelry retouching services and regular jewelry photo retouching services are both difficult for customers to get a quality output. At Image Editing HQ, though, that's our focus. The jewelry business is actually booming, and you can prove that by growing both local and online sales.That's why it's important to have beautiful jewelry pictures for ads, cataloging, and online business to name a few to have a larger pie share. With our high-end jewelry retouching services, we can deal with any jewelry image and generate results to your expectations.

Jewelry Retouching Service includes:

  • Focus Stacking

  • Background adjustment (usually white background) with Shadow;

  • High end or regular retouching (as per customer's requirement);

  • Improve or improve metal color

  • Remove stones or diamonds

background removal

Background removal service is often used to control the image, which is used to remove the unwanted background from the image. Think about you snap a shot of a product that exits a variety of other substances that you never intend to show; particularly when you sell your product on an e-commerce website.

Remove background from image changes the entire image in principle. It looks more attractive, and any attractive picture can make it look attractive to others. Color Tango offers you the best background removal service that can edit your photos in real short time and with maximum ability.

jewelry shadow creation

Product photographers usually view shadows as a nuisance, but if you discover ways to use shadows to your advantage, you can genuinely pop up images of your jewelry product. There are many ways to add a shadow, but the most important thing to remember is to make your jewelry shadows look realistic.

high-end jewelry retouching

High-end jewelry retouching services and regular photo retouching services are both difficult to achieve a quality output for customers. Nonetheless, this is our priority at Image Editing HQ. The jewelry business is booming, and by increasing local and online sales, you can prove this

jewelry photo cleaning & unwanted object/noise removal

We use Adobe Photoshop's various tools to clean pictures of jewelry and give them a brand new feel. To remove dust, stains, spots from e-commerce jewelry images, our team uses Photoshop clone stamping tool, brush tool, pen tool and others.

jewelry color correction & editing

Our color correction and editing service for jewelry is an important photo editing service for improving, altering or adjusting the picture color or exposure. It is usually applied by multipath & color corrections to various types of jewelry photography.

jewelry photo enhancement

If they are beautifully shot, images will attract customers. A badly edited photo can interfere with business. For all types of uses, we have jewelry picture enhancement service. Jewelry photo enhancement can carry in your images the glittering impact of ornaments.

why jewelry retouching service are needed?

What's the best selling product? Items that have bright colors and no drawbacks are sold quickly as customers are definitely attracted by objects that look perfectly and are enhanced by jewelry editing. Can you ask how to get such superb results in the retouching of jewelry photography? The answer is pretty straightforward. This is skilled and successful retouching of jewelry which, unlike amateurs, makes it possible.

who needs jewelry retouching service?

  • Business who needs use of white background

  • Those who wanted to remove unwanted reflections

  • Who wants to rectify broken parts of jewelry

why you choose jewelry retouching service at color tango?

In modern jewelry photo retouching, the absence of defects or scratches is essential. It is crucial to eliminate all visible spots because every consumer wants to get the finest look necessary jewelry and you have to present it in the right way. Our photo retouching company provides jewelry retouching techniques that help to achieve amazing results and are part of the latest jewelry photography.

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