Neck Joint

Neck Joint

Neck Joint Service is one of the greatest solutions to conceal the dress pictures from the mannequin. Sometimes it is called a ghost mannequin or an intangible mannequin doll. But the name depends on the awareness of the region. If you're a retailer or seller of online dresses then you need to have a good looking and great filling dress pictures on your website or social media to attract valuable customers.

Neck Joint

We are expert in articulating or adding any images to the Neck part by maintaining the consistency of the design; wear & tear shapes, sizes, and colors. We calculate the template flow and neck shape and then produce the final image according to the standard dimensions. Our professional image editing team guarantees 100% accuracy on each image neck joint.

why neck joint services is needed

You need to place your dress on a plastic doll or mannequin to take your dress images with perfect fit. You need to cut out the outer doll pieces after taking the pictures. So only pictures of dress can go to the website. Your dress neck will be cut when you cut the visible part of the doll. And eventually you have to join the main part's back. That's the benefit of a Neck Joint.

ghost mannequin service

The photographer can't actually shoot a full view of the clothes. Using mannequins, they shot the front and back of their clothes separately. Our experts are working to explain their full view. In this regard, for combination with the color of the front part of a garment label, they use Photoshop to enter the ghost part. As a result, the final pictures of the finished product look as natural.No one can understand that someone is joining or editing the ghost part. To appreciate our Ghost Mannequin Service, you may look at our sample pictures.

why to choose our neck joint mannequin services?

Clipping Path Aid has a specific team for shared services for the neck only. As a result, we have engaged with many online shops around the world buying home, clothing and garment factory. We are capable to apply ghost mannequin service for any large amount of photos according to the requirement of the clients.

If you want to outsource the photo editing of your apparel, you should consider choosing a joint service provider. The most important thing is to work on the turnaround. Quick turnaround in a second, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year would increase the amount of income. So, try to find out a traditional service provider for ghost mannequins. Who can produce you efficiently?

Clipping Path Aid is a growing service provider business with a regular collar. And to get an excellent result, the experts conduct their jobs using both digital and analog methods. You can give us some photos as a free trial to assess both consistency and capacity before believing our words.

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