How to Remove Image Background Fast

How To Remove Image Background Fast

Removing an image’s background has a wealth of benefits including easy integration across sales channels, increased attention on your product, and improved page loading speed. But you might not know how to remove image backgrounds yourself.

If you’re handling your store's design tasks, there may be more options to remove image backgrounds than you realize. Sure, there’s Photoshop, but it’s not the only option. There are less complex, lower cost, and more scalable alternatives available. Everything you'll need can be found in Product Photography for Ecommerce; however these are are great options to get your started.


Let’s take a look at the four ways to remove the background of product photos for your online store.


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  • 56 Junior Graphic Designers

  • 85 Senior Graphic Designers (Supervisors)

  • 30 Quality Assurance Professionals

  • 5 Production Management

  • Capability to work 24 hours in 3 batches


Image Processing Capacity

  • 200 images per hour

  • 4,000 images per day

  • 25,000 images per week

  • 100,000 images per month


Human Resources
  • 30+ Image Manipulation Trainees

  • 30+ Junior Graphic Designers

  • 60+ Senior Graphic Designers (Supervisors)

  • 15 Quality Assurance Professionals

  • 5 Production Management

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